Mission to be Greener


At Speedboard we have a Mission to be Greener and are committed to operating our business in a sustainable manner and are continually striving to improve our carbon footprint.


In January 2020, we achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification. It is the international recognised standard that serves as a framework for companies to establish and create their own Environmental Management System on, in the same way that we have already done with Quality and ISO 9001.

ISO 14001:2015 minimises how business operations negatively impact the environment, ensures continual improvement and compliance with the relevant regulations and laws outlined in the EMS.  

This certification endorses the company’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that sustainability underpins everything Speedboard do.

On the road

In February 2020 we took delivery of our new hybrid company van. We have installed an electric changing point for the van, which employees are also able to use.

We have a Car Share scheme which helps to reduce traffic and the environmental impact of motoring.

In the factory

We have a Heat Recovery system fitted in our compressor room, helping us heat the factory, saving on emissions and electricity.

We are reducing single use plastic in various ways such as using bags made from sustainable cotton at trade shows and using wooden stirrers instead of plastic ones.

We have introduced a turn it off policy at work. This may sound like a small task, but it can have a surprisingly big impact. In fact, one small click can make a big difference and a business can reduce energy consumption by up to 25 percent by turning off computers, lights and other equipment at the end of the day and when not in use.

We are in the process of swapping all lights in the factory and offices to LED to further save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are encouraging employees to reduce printing – a simple, yet effective way to help protect the environment. When we do need to print, we use both sides of the paper and if it doesn’t need to be in colour, to print in black and white.

We have introduced centrally positioned recycling bins, clearly labelled to encourage employees to recycle and reduce what goes to landfill. We continue to recycle printer/toner cartridges, batteries, waste toner and light bulbs.

We will continue to introduce more environmentally responsible business practices and monitor our progress.