End-to-end Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing including PCBA, Cables, Electromechanical, Full Box Build and Test all sit at the core of our expertise within our extensive UK footprint. We offer production flexibility and scalability through our network of UK and Global sites. So, whether you are a large corporate or a startup, we will have a place for you.

End-to-end Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

For over 40 years, NOTE in the UK has been associated with the on-time delivery of printed circuit boards, PCBAs, box builds and final assemblies. We deliver in a flexible and professional manner whilst retaining our friendly ‘can do’ attitude.

Capability matrix

NOTE kanban


”We make it work.” We are solution oriented, driven and create a stimulating work environment. 


We always, at every point, strive to do business on a proactive, clear and sustainable footing.


”Get it right from the start.”
There is a quality focus about everything we do.


We always strive to satisfy customer needs, and adjust setups as required.