NOTE Stonehouse invests in ultrasonic welder

NOTE Stonehouse has invested in new technology, acquiring a Mecasonic Omega 3 MCA ultrasonic welder.

Ultrasonic welding is one of the fastest and most cost effective techniques to create a strong and smooth seam when bonding plastics and precious metals.

Using ultrasonic welding, one part is held stationary in a holding fixture while the other part is vibrated acoustically against it under pressure, creating frictional heat at their joining surfaces.

Investing in this equipment offers NOTE customers the ability to seal electronic enclosures without the use of adhesives in a quick and robust process.  Already one customer in the Stonehouse site is taking advantage of the additional service.

The Mecasonic Omega 3 MCA ultrasonic welder has:

  • Easy programming thanks to a multi menu system initiated by rotating a button.
  • Display of power and travel curves memorised during the welding cycle onto a large graphic back-lighted LCD indicator.
  • Control of the coupling pressure of the horn/locked part for each programme triggered by a proportional valve.
  • Storage of 20 welding programmes with all parameters on instant recall (unlimited storage with the PC connection).
  • Four welding modes: time, energy, collapse distance, absolute distance with or without RWS (Reactive Weld System) mode.