NOTE Windsor invests in latest 3D AOI technology

Continuing our investment in process improvement we were delighted to take delivery of our brand-new Zenith Alpha HS+ automated optical inspection (AOI) system by Koh Young a leader in inspection technology.

With enhanced 3D measurement capabilities using AI technology the system utilises 5 projectors to provide true measurement up to 25mm high of the profile and shape of components and solder joints to IPC-610 standards, overcoming the limitation of 2D AOI systems which are often prone to false calls.

At NOTE Windsor the system will be installed as a dedicated line with automated board handling.  The system also delivers automated fault logging to an offline inspection/repair station.

AOI forms a standard part of our standard process and is an essential quality gate to minimise potential errors further in the production process.

“We see this investment as an essential part of our business to position ourselves ready for the technologies that the future has in store for us and to ensure we have the capability support our customer manufacturing needs”, said Karen Heath, MD.

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