High quality standards

NOTE Basildon contacted us in 2012 regarding their contract manufacturing services. We made the decision to try NOTE Basildon and since then, they have manufactured our main range of instrumentation PCB’s. We have found the quality of the work to be to a very high standard and any issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. We have had excellent support from the sales and customer services teams at NOTE Basildon.

Flexible and fast help

Our business relationship with NOTE is a full-fledged partnership. We can always rely on their flexibility and get help quickly when we need it. They also meet our challenging quality and cost-conscious standards.

Open and honest partnership

We have worked with NOTE Windsor as a supply partner now for more than 10 years. The relationship we have is one focused on mutual respect in each other’s businesses and needs. Communication is always open and honest, and we have underlying confidence that they deliver to the commitment made. The partnership has developed over the years, and we believe it will continue to grow as we move forward.