Conformal Coating

Using the very latest automated technology and UV curing, our conformal coating lines can selectively spray boards requiring protection in harsh and extreme environments against ingress of moisture, dust, condensation and temperature extremes. We also offer manual spraying and rework of coated boards at some of our facilities.

Speed and Accuracy

The automated process line increases speed and accuracy of PCBA conformal coating, producing higher quality assemblies with a superior consistent coating, more efficiently. The line is simple to use, and the automated, modular design allows options to be added as application needs change.

Conformal coating is a specially formulated, polymeric coating applied at low coat-weights to printed circuit boards providing protection from their end-use environment.

Key Benefits

The major benefits of the automated spray line are that it reduces coating time, with little or no masking requirements and it is cured in seconds through the integrated UV oven, giving higher resistance against moisture, condensation, external contaminates and corrosion. In addition, deploying an automated spray process ensures repeatable results are delivered that comply to IPC standards.

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